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January 21, 2019by EnjoyMint

Hey, how’s your January coming along? While we hope you’re doing awesome this month, we’re so pleased to announce that February is going to be an exciting time for all of us at EnjoyMint. We’ve got a lot of fabulous stuff lined up for you this February. And we’re pretty sure that EnjoyMint is going to be one of your favorite places to hang out this month, if it’s not yet already.

So, what’s cooking at EnjoyMint this February?


February 2 – Saturday Morning Cooking Class

10:30 to 11:30 AM

Bring your family, including the kids, to EnjoyMint on February 2 for the Saturday Morning Cooking Class. There you’ll have a blast learning how to whip up some easy Thai dishes. Tickets are available at our online ordering system at $30 each for adults and $20 each for kids. You get to enjoy your creation at the end of the class, plus fountain drinks.

February 4-6 – Chinese New Year

From 11 AM February 4 to 9 PM February 6

Chinese New Year is a big thing in Asia, and we’re celebrating it in style. Come dine at EnjoyMint any time from February 4 to February 6, and you might just get a traditional red envelope gift from us. What’s inside those red envelopes is for you to find out!


February 14 – Valentine’s Day

All Day

V-Day is Love Day, and we’re here to show you some love. On Valentine’s Day, if you order any two bowls of your choice, we’re going to give you a complimentary app. That’s more yummy food to enjoy with your sweetie or your best friend, or even by yourself if you’re taking some precious, self-loving me-time on V-Day.


February 16 – Open Talent Night

5 PM to 8 PM

EnjoyMint is launching its Open Talent Night, the first of which is happening on the evening of February 16. We’ve got a number of local artists and dancers coming up for guest performances. But since it’s an open talent night, we’re encouraging you to take the stage yourself and show the rest of us what you’ve got.


Chef Nikky’s “Nikky Feeding Souls” YouTube Show

And then, there’s Chef Nikky Phinyawatana’s brand new online show entitled “Nikky Feeding Souls,” just launched last New Year. In that show, Chef Nikky delivers soul-feeding stories inspired by her adventures in both Dallas and Bangkok. New episodes are available for streaming on YouTube right now. If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out here.

February is going to be an awesome month for EnjoyMint. So come visit us this February and be part of all that fun!