Picnic with us EnjoyMint

What’s the best way to enjoy the warm weather than having a picnic with your family or friends? Having fun under the sun with some good food is a great idea for a memorable get-together. You don’t always have to do a cookout. Sometimes, requesting for a pre-catered meal is a much better idea!

Bring us with you to your picnic to make it more fun. We can prepare your favorite Thai bowl and pair it with your preferred drink, like some Thai tea, perhaps? We can also keep it interesting with a Sparkling Rose or Lucky Buddha Beer. You can also add some Thai beignets if you like. Have a relaxing afternoon at the park or just in your own backyard or pool. If this is your idea of fun, then we’re all for it!

Picnic with us! Let EnjoyMint Cook for You

Every dish found in EnjoyMint’s menu is not just delicious, but they’re also guaranteed to be fresh and healthy. Take your pick from our gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan Thai bowls. EnjoyMint has more than 10 fresh Thai bowl food choices, and our best sellers are the Fried Rice Bowl, Pad Thai Bowl, and Noodle Salad Bowl.

We also know that a serving of those Thai bowls may not be enough for some people, so we’re offering protein boosters as well. Your choices are Thai grilled chicken, beef, or shrimp, but we also have fried chicken and tofu. Aside from protein boosters, we can also throw in a serving of fresh veggies as optional add-ons. Don’t forget to check our premium add-on list as well!

A Full, Healthy Meal

A picnic isn’t complete without appetizers, drinks, and desserts. EnjoyMint is your one-stop shop for all of these. We even have beers and wines included in our menu. It certainly isn’t hard to plan a picnic if you have a good caterer to help you out. Download our menu today so you can choose several food items from our list of favorites.

Our pricing is also very competitive, and you can see the cost of each item on our website. We’re very confident that we can serve you great picnic dishes that are a perfect match to your dietary requirements, all at the price that you can afford.

Start planning for that picnic now!