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November 30, 2018by EnjoyMint

In case you missed it, the 6th Chefs for Farmers’ Street Food Night Market went down November 3, 2018 at Victory Park. Chef Nikky and the team were there, serving up amazing Thai street food. Were you there to taste it? We hope so!

It was an awesome night and, as usual, Chef Nikky’s treats are a hit among the crowd. She’s in good company, too. Along with Chef Nikky, Chefs for Farmers also featured Angela Hernandez of Fine China, Jennifer Newbold of Imoto, Luis Olvera of Trompo, Matt Ford of Billy Can Can, Ryan Olmos of CiboDivino, and Victor Corral of Dive Coastal Cuisine.

The Street Night Market is a signature event for supporting local farmers

As fun as the Street Food Night Market was, it was designed to support a serious cause: promoting the local farmers of North Texas. By supporting local farmers, Chefs for Farmers makes an effort to influence the way we eat so we’d buy our food from local sources. Buying food locally is a more sustainable and environment-friendly way of sustaining ourselves.

Chefs for Farmers is a non-profit group made up of like-minded chefs, food artisans, and influential people in the culinary industry. It hosts a range of food-related events throughout the year, all designed to promote the North Texas farmers and food industry. These events are also meant to put a spotlight on the region’s culinary talent and raise up Dallas as a foodie city.

But that’s not all that Chefs for Farmers does. It also supports the charity program Youth With Faces, which zeroes in on young people in the Texas juvenile system. These young people are given the opportunity to turn their lives around so they’d have better social and work skills. These skills can help them secure meaningful jobs and become independent once they leave the juvenile system. Chefs for Farmers contributes to the funding of Youth With Faces’ greenhouse and urban farming projects, which are key components to the participants’ horticulture, nutrition, and culinary classes.

We can all commit to a more sustainable way of eating

If you were at Victory Park for the Street Food Night Market last November 3, thanks a lot for taking the time to be there. Your effort will help make an impact on the local food industry as a whole, not just on EnjoyMint and Asian Mint.

What impact are we talking about? You see, when you support local farmers, you help keep the region’s economy healthy. This means more jobs and money for everyone, and better services from the state government. More importantly, we get to help protect and save the environment when we buy local. When we buy local, we don’t have to import our food from other states, or even other countries. This leads to reduced levels of greenhouse emissions from transporting food, and therefore to a reduced carbon footprint that can slow down climate change.

And you don’t have to wait for events like the Street Food Night Market to show your support for our local farmers. Just buying food at farmers markets nearest you, purchasing Texan goods, and dining at restaurants that source ingredients locally, like EnjoyMint and Asian Mint, are just a few ways to do it.

Here’s to our local farmers. See you soon, Mint Fanatics!