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January 28, 2019by EnjoyMint

Happy Chinese New Year, Mint Fanatics! Chinese New Year 2019 is going down on February 5. We’re so excited to be spending our first-ever Chinese New Year this year, and we’re more than happy to share the blessings. So, if you dine at EnjoyMint from February 4 to 6, there’s a lucky red envelope waiting for you.


Chinese New Year 2019 is the Year of the Pig

The year 2019 is the Year of the Pig, according to the Chinese calendar. The pig takes up the last of the 12 positions in the Chinese zodiac. But even though it’s the last, in Chinese culture the pig is seen as a symbol of wealth and good fortune.

People who were born in the Year of the Pig – recently 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 – are considered to be blessed. For them, action speaks louder than words, and they face whatever task is ahead of them with enthusiasm. They tend to work hard, but they party just as hard too. It’s also natural for them to strive for positions of higher status.

Celebrities born in the Year of the Pig include: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elton John, Hillary Clinton, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Julie Andrews, Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg, and Stephen King.

How to get your lucky Chinese New Year red envelopes at EnjoyMint

Red envelopes or hong bao are symbols of luck among many Asians and typically contain money. It’s tradition to give them away on Chinese New Year to pass on one’s blessings to loved ones. Parents and grandparents hand over red envelopes to their children and grandchildren. Young and middle-aged adults are supposed to give them to both their elderly parents and their children. Sometimes, married people gift their friends with red envelopes so they’d be lucky in love and marriage too.

EnjoyMint’s big mama, Asian Mint, has a tradition of giving away red envelopes on Chinese New Year. We’re adopting that tradition. So, if you buy food from us from February 4 to 6, you’ll get a red envelope along with your receipt. Just what is in your red envelope is for you to find out!

Happy Chinese New Year, Mint Fanatics! See you at EnjoyMint.