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December 31, 2018by EnjoyMint

Our Chef Nikky Phinyawatana is now the star of her very own YouTube show!

If you’re subscribed to our mailing list, this is a bit of news you may have received in your email around New Year’s Day. The new YouTube show, entitled “Nikky Feeding Souls,” is among the first of the many projects Chef Nikky has lined up for 2019.


“Nikky Feeding Souls” features inspiring stories about Bangkok, Thailand

What is “Nikky Feeding Souls” all about? The show is Chef Nikky’s attempt to deliver inspiring stories from her adventures in Bangkok, Thailand – her hometown. As y’all probably know by now, Chef Nikky spent most of her childhood in Bangkok before transplanting in Dallas.

Each soul-feeding episode showcases an aspect of Thai culture, mostly revolving around food. The show’s episodes are short, lasting only around five minutes or so. To quote Chef Nikky:

“I am here to help feed your soul with yummy foods and travels around Bangkok, Thailand this season of 2019! We will talk to long-time restauranteurs and entrepreneurs who follow their passion to cook, serve, and feed souls just like me.”


“Nikky Feeding Souls” uploads new episodes every week

You can catch a new episode of “Nikky Feeding Souls” every week right here. Be sure to check it out and hit the subscribe button.

You can also follow the show on Instagram and on Facebook.