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November 13, 2018by EnjoyMint

Many of you Mint Fanatics have been suggesting that we add more items to the EnjoyMint menu. Well, ever since we started receiving your suggestions, we went to work on our drawing board. We began pulling out ideas from our collective brains and seeing which ones will work best with the EnjoyMint concept.


After some brainstorming and kitchen testing, we finally came up with new EnjoyMint Thai bowls that we’re sure you’ll love. And so, without further ado, we’re unveiling the five new Thai bowls on the EnjoyMint menu:


Coconut Noodle Soup Bowl

Our fall/winter special – a hearty concoction made up of yummy rice noodles, meaty mushrooms, crunchy bean sprouts, a refreshing mix of tomatoes, green onions, and cilantro in a thick and creamy coconut soup.

Noodle Salad Bowl

A loaded version of our salad bowl: a mix of salad greens, clear noodles, and Thai herbs, plus crispy garlic and bean sprouts for added crunch. Available with chili lime dressing.


Veggie Fire Bowl

For you Mint Fanatics who want to add a touch of thrill to your healthy eating. The Veggie Fire Bowl is, as the name suggests, a Thai bowl filled with crunchy veggies, fresh herbs and spices, all tossed with our signature fire bowl sauce.


Kid Bowl

Our Junior Mint Fanatics now get to have their very own special menu. Just like with the adult version, your kids get to mix and match the carbs and proteins they want to eat. You’ll find more details on our new kid bowls here.


Clear Noodle Bowls

Some of you have expressed a preference for clear noodles rather than the rice noodles that make up our noodle bowls. Well, we have heard you, folks. You can now enjoy two of our original Thai bowls, namely the Noodle Soup Bowl and the Fire Noodle Bowl, with clear noodles instead of rice noodles. Of course, the rice noodle option is still on the table.

We also have a new line of Juisu beverages now available at the EnjoyMint store. So you can now wash down your Thai bowls with your choice of Juisu Coconut Groove, Lychee Delight, Pineapple Glow, or Watermelon Refresh.


Come visit EnjoyMint and check out all these new things we have to offer you. See y’all soon!