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February 6, 2019by EnjoyMint

Hey, Mint Fanatics – did you know that February is Vegan Cuisine Month? If you’re vegan, we’re inviting you to celebrate Vegan Cuisine Month at EnjoyMint. You can explore the many vegan options we have available on our menu, or revisit them if you’ve already tried them.

If you’re not vegan, then no worries. We’re still inviting you to check out our vegan Thai bowls. Think of it as going on an adventure and trying out something new.

What is Vegan Cuisine Month about?

Vegan Cuisine Month is an event started by the American Vegan Society (AVS). Founded by H. Jay Dinshah in 1960, AVS is one of the oldest groups in the US that advocates for veganism. The aim of Vegan Cuisine Month is to spread awareness about veganism as a lifestyle, particularly its benefits and its potential impact to the world in general.

According to its advocates, veganism is more than just getting on the vegan diet. It’s actually a philosophy that rejects the use of animals as commodity. Vegans consider animal life to be just as sacred as human life. They believe that respecting animal life instead of using them for food, clothing, and other consumables makes the world more sustainable and cruelty-free.


Sample EnjoyMint’s many vegan options

While Vegan Cuisine Month is definitely a great time to learn more about the vegan diet, lifestyle, and philosophy, EnjoyMint’s doors are open to vegans any day of the year. We’ve got a lot of Thai bowls that even the staunchest of vegans will love:

  • Noodle soup bowl – rice noodles in vegetable broth and topped with bean sprouts, Thai herb mix, crispy garlic, and crushed peanuts
  • Fire noodle bowl – rice or clear noodles in our signature spicy fire bowl sauce, with broccoli, Thai herbs, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, fried garlic, and Thai chili
  • Red curry bowl – jasmine rice in red curry sauce with basil, red bell pepper, and bamboo shoots
  • Peanut basil bowl – jasmine rice in peanut sauce with crushed peanuts, broccoli, carrots, and basil
  • Salad bowl – seasonal salad mix with green onions, carrots, bean sprouts, Thai herbs, tum tang, and fried garlic, tossed in either peanut or chili lime dressing

These vegan Thai bowls are best paired with fried tofu to make them more filling.

Whether you’re vegan or not, come celebrate Vegan Cuisine Month with us at EnjoyMint. We’re pretty sure you’ll love the taste and flavors we offer. See you soon!