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November 20, 2018by EnjoyMint

When Chef Nikky Phinyawatana put together the concept of EnjoyMint on her drawing board, cashless is a feature she decided EnjoyMint was going to have. Going cashless certainly fits the image she and her team were going for the new restaurant as the cool and trendy millennial daughter of Asian Mint. According to a study, going cashless is certainly the trend to follow these days.

But trendiness isn’t the only motivator behind Chef Nikky’s decision to take the cashless route for her new baby. We’re revealing the main reasons why EnjoyMInt is the cashless restaurant it is in this list.


Reason #1: Cashless transactions are faster.

Time is a highly valuable commodity – a lot of us consider it our most prized resource. Besides, who wants to wait on long queues to get food, especially when you’re starving? When you use credit or debit cards to pay for your food in a fast-casual restaurant, you’ll get your food much more quickly. That’s because you don’t have to spend time counting out change to pay for your food, and the person at the other end of the till doesn’t have to check if you’ve given them the right amount or if you need change for your note.


Reason #2: Cashless payments are greener.

When you regularly handle cash in your business, bank visits to deposit cash from your establishment becomes inevitable. Sometimes, you have to go to the bank more than once a day or ask a trusted employee to do it for you. If the amount gets too substantial to handle alone, you may have to hire an armored car to keep you safe when taking your money to the bank. But if you do cashless transactions at your business, that means less gas consumed driving to the bank – and one less gas-guzzling armored car on the road too.

Reason #3: Cashless payments are safer.

Our Mintees are our family. We love them, and we don’t want anything bad to happen to them. Unfortunately, one of the risks of running a restaurant is having someone barging through your doors and demanding that your guests and staff surrender their valuables at gunpoint. To prevent this from happening, we’re taking out from EnjoyMint the main reason behind most robberies: cash. In this way, our Mintee staff can safely get their work done, while our guests can enjoy their meals in peace.


Reason #4: Cashless payments are more time-efficient.

We’ve already mentioned taking cash to the bank as part of a restaurant owner or manager’s daily to-do list. Doing this chore can take a huge chunk of time. And this doesn’t include keeping track of the money at the end of business day and seeing that every cent is accounted for. But with cashless transactions, everything is done electronically, including the accounting. With less time spent on accounting, we can focus on coming up with new bowls and finding ways to serve you better.


Bonus reason: Cashless payments are cleaner.

Let’s face it: cash is dirty. US bills contain a wide variety of contaminants – from cocaine and other illegal drugs, to fecal matter. Reports have shown that harmful bacteria can live on paper money for around 48 hours, while a live flu virus can survive on it for a full 17 days. Can we all agree that that’s gross? Certainly, we don’t want all those germs near our food. We want you Mint Fanatics to enjoy the fresh and tasty ingredients that go into every Thai bowl you get from EnjoyMint without getting sick.

And that’s it. These are the 4+1 reasons why EnjoyMint is proudly cashless. We accept debit and credit card payments, as well as Android Pay. We definitely hope you’ll find going cashless quick and convenient in the end.

See you soon!